Mariana is a rebel of education and the founder of Edularity, a global hub of knowledge experts looking towards a paradigm shift in traditional education by creating and scaling cutting-edge learning initiatives while supporting 4th industrial Revolution Skills development. She is involved in the research of potential adoption of open, decentralized solutions built on Blockchain and/or other emerging technologies if viable.

During 2018, she’s been leading the education and empowerment of women by the reappropriation of their knowledge and understanding of self-directed learning via a digital magazine and online learning and teaching marketplace through Desescolarizados, the first Edularity spin-off reaching more than 12,000 deschooled families in Spanish-speaking countries.

As former Vice President of Business Development of One Laptop per Child, MIT originated non-profit organization that provided over 3 million free laptops to children in developing countries for 1:1 learning, she worked in over 40 countries giving her a deep understanding of CSR, Non-Profit, Public and Private Sector policies around EdTech initiatives for social impact.

Mariana is also the creator of a framework to design and scale Education and Technology public policy programs to avoid conflicting aims and scrutiny.

She serves as Regional Education Ambassador for Latin America of the British Blockchain Association and she is an Advisory Board Member of SINADEP Foundation, the largest non-profit organization in Latin America for the Professional Development of Mexican Teachers Union.

With a personal mission of social transformation through the power of learning, she helps and engages with global organizations looking to have a social impact with ethical premises.

She actively promotes public awareness of the Learning Science, public understanding of learning, and public engagement with Learning and emerging Technologies related activities that comprise the relations between organizations and society as a whole to the meaningful and self-directed construction of their knowledge.